2017 Sneak Peeks! Hotel, Country House & Winter Weddings

A rainy day in Arundel, a village hall in East Sussex, a Salisbury hotel surprise wedding in October, a country house fun fest at Southover House! Here is just a glimpse of some of the weddings I photographed during 2017 and the sneak peek image my couples were sent the next day!


Bride caresses her husbands cheek as they share their first kiss in front of their guests in the ceremony The couple stand at the top of the stairs in the hotel in Arundel in a loving embrace, this photograph is black and white The couple are viewed from above down the stairwell of the hotel  the bride surround by bridesmaids pulling silly faces the brides toddler son giggles at himself through a mirror The groom has his arms around his new wife's waist as they grin in the hotel bar The couples first dance they touch foreheads as they sway Standing in the hotel archway at dusk on a winters day the brides yellow flowers held between them as they look into each others eyesThe bride grins at her husband to be as she walks down the aisle clutching her Dad's hand The groom whispers a secret in to the brides ear as they stand in the golden forest light Holding hands the couple laugh out at the watching guests as the celebrant is interrupted by a funny comment The couples first dance in the marquee, the groom grabs his new wife's bottom as they waltz the couple stand together under a huge tree Cheek to cheek the couple smile  Bride and groom embrace in the woods near Hastings The groom's daughter sits between him and his new wife in the church pews hugging  The happy couple embrace during their couple's photoshoot following their church wedding service View of the back of the brides dress s the couple pose in the woodlands The happy bride & groom leaving their Dorset church showered in confetti surrounded by family and two flower girls The Bride & Groom kiss in front of the altar as they are pronounced married by the vicar